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NMRV gear reducer  Usage Specifications
Usage specifications
1. Make sure that the reducer is located onto a flat and non-flexible surface and subject to any vibration be foreseen, it is advisable to fix the screw heads by means of cut washers.
2. For outdoor applications provide suitabl protections against the atmosphere and direct precipitation. For applications in humid environments, provide appropriate protections onto the reducer machined surfaces.
3. During mounting of pinions, couplings or pulleys onto the gearbox shafts, try to avoid any impact by using the appropriate pullers located in the threaded holes at the ends of the same shafts.
4. When reducer starts to work up to 150 hours, its lubrication oil should be replaced. Afther that, the cycle of oil replacement is about 4000 hours.
5. Lubricating oil should be kept enough in the casing and checked at a fixed time.
6. Avoid mixing synthetic and mineral lubricants.

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