Gear speed reducer professional manufacturers.Gear reducer and Micro reducer are our main products.
VF Micro reducer  Lubricants
Reducer type UD series stepless variator series of NMRV reducer
25~90 110~130
Type of cubricant Synthetic oil Synthetic oil Synthetic oil Mineral lubrication oil
Ambient Temperature -25℃~+40℃ -25℃~+50℃ -25℃~+50℃ -5℃~+40℃ -15℃~+40℃
ISO VG VG320 VG320 VG320 VG460 VG220
A.T.F.Dexron Tivela Oll WB Tivela Oll WB Omala Oil 460 Omala Oil 220
A.T.F.220 Glygoyle 30 Mobil gear 634 Mobil gear 630
A.T.F.Dexron S220 S220 SpartanEP 460 SpartanEP 220
B P Autran DX Energol SGXP320 Energol GRXP 460 Energol GRXP 220

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