Gear speed reducer professional manufacturers.Gear reducer and Micro reducer are our main products.
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Taizhou Kangpu Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional gear reducer manufacturer. is a research, production and sales of drive transmission device professional manufacturer, located in the southeast coast of China, Taizhou, Zhejiang, convenient transportation.
Our corporation offers a wide range of reducers, among which the leading products are: KPM Series Helical-hypoid Gear Reducer, RV Series Aluminum Alloy Worm and Worm Wheel Reducer, UD Series Variable-Speed Reducer, VF Series Hardened Gears Reducers, etc. Transmission Products by Kangpu are widely used in the fields of metallurgical mine, beverage-making, tobacco, light industry, environmental engineering, warehousing/logistic, plastic/machinery, hoisting/transporting, stereoscopic parking equipments, and car-making industry, etc.

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